BioTelemetry/Royal Philips

Seller: BioTelemetry

Buyer: Royal Philips

Announced: December 2020

Deal Value: $2.5B

EV/S Multiple: 6x

Royal Philips Biotelemetry

Biotelemetry, patient telemetry monitoring devices and health management SaaS, was acquired for $2.5B by Royal Philips, a consumer electronics manufacturer.

CarePort Health/WellSky

Seller: CarePort Health

Buyer: WellSky

Announced: October 2020

Deal Value: $1.35B

EV/S Multiple: 13x

WellSky Careport

Patient care coordination SaaS, Careport was purchased for $1.35B by WellSky, a global health and community care technology company. The acquisition enables continuous patient care coordination for acute and post-acute care.

Livongo Health/Teladoc

Seller: Livongo Health

Buyer: Teladoc

Announced: August 2020

Deal Value: $18.5B

EV/S Multiple: 88.3x

Teladoc Health Livongo

The Acquisition of Livongo Health by Teladoc is the largest healthtech deal in history. Telehealth giant Teladoc purchased connected health platform Livongo Health for $1B in cash and almost $17B in stock.

DXC Technology (health and human services business)/Veritas Capital

Seller: DXC Technology (health and human services business)

Buyer: Veritas Capital

Announced: March 2020

Deal Value: $5B

EV/S Multiple: 3.6x

Veritas Capital DXC Technology (health and human services business)

DXC Technology's health and human services business acquired for $5B by a PE firm, Veritas Capital. The business will carry on as Gainwell Technologies.

Cloud Platform

Change Healthcare (staff scheduling business)/HealthStream

Seller: Change Healthcare (staff scheduling business)

Buyer: HealthStream

Announced: November 2020

Deal Value: $67.5M

HealthStream Change Healthcare (staff scheduling business)

Change Healthcare's staff scheduling business purchased for $67.5M by HealthStream, a provider of healthcare workforce solutions. The addition expands HealthStream’s growing portfolio of solutions for staff scheduling and workforce management, enhancing engagement with staff.

INSIG/Well Health

Seller: INSIG

Buyer: Well Health

Announced: November 2020

Deal Value: $18M

Well Health INSIG

INSIG, a virtual care platform provider, was acquired for $18M by WELL Health, an electronic medical records SaaS. INSIG’s platform enables WELL’s product portfolio with virtual care and product development expertise.

InTouch Health/Teladoc

Seller: InTouch Health

Buyer: Teladoc

Announced: January 2020

Deal Value: $600M

EV/S Multiple: 7.5x

Teladoc InTouch Health

InTouch Health, a provider of enterprise telehealth solutions for hospitals and health systems, was acquired for $600M by Teladoc, a virtual care provider. The addition boosts the company's end-to-end offerings, thus improving its ability to enable virtual acute visits, help with remote management of chronic conditions and offer providers new modes of specialty care and remote surgery.

Health IT Services

Transforming Systems/VitalHub

Seller: Transforming Systems

Buyer: VitalHub

Announced: August 2020

Deal Value: $7.9M

EV/S Multiple: 2.3x

VitalHub Transforming Systems

Canadian healthcare service provider, Vital Hub paid $7.9M for UK healthcare market intelligence SaaS, Transforming Systems, marking its fourth acquisition in the area of patient flow and operational visibility.